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    Driver San Francisco - PC Edtition

    Driver: San Francisco PC Edition available! Buy now!

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    Driver Club

    Check your scores on the DRIVER CLUB and unlock exclusive achievements!!!

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    Driver San Francisco cars

    Driver San Francisco features over 120 licensed cars. Discover them in our dedicated section!


Patch 1.04 is now available for PC


This patch corrects some performance and stability issues that could occur in Driver San Francisco in limited circumstances. The main fixes are as follow:

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New online routes added!


In order to spice up your holiday racing, tagging and battling in Driver San Francisco’s multiplayer, we’ve added a series of 14 new routes to 8 of the competitive online modes. Have fun!

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Driver Consoles Title Update Information


A title update has just been released for the consoles version of Driver San Francisco. Here is a list of what we have fixed/improved:

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Patch 1.03 is now available for PC!


PC gamers, we're glad to announce the release of patch 1.03, which fixes some of the major issues you've reported. Check the full changelog below.

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Interview with music composer Marc Canham


The music from Driver San Francisco has been universally praised, both for its original score and its licensed tracks, so we sat down with Marc Canham from Nimrod Production for an exclusive community interview on his work on the Driver series.

Check it out below!

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Congratulations on unlocking new Takedown cars!


Congratulations Drivers! Thanks to your collective efforts in driving a total of 500 hours in the Dodge Charger SRT8 Cop Car, you've unlocked new versions of Takedown multiplayer mode featuring this very car and stronger getaway cars.

Just hop online and play a few games of Takedown to try it out!

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Driver San Francisco now available on PC!


PC gamers, get your motor running! Driver San Francisco is now available on PC, both as a physical DVD-Rom or in digital download format, and it's your turn to experience the thrill of the chase!

Hit the break for some screenshots and the recommended configuration.

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New multiplayer content available!


As we didn't want you to get too comfortable with the online multiplayer routes, we've spiced things up a bit with no less than 20 new routes for all modes, available now! Just join an online game to try them out!

Here's the full list of new routes:

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Join the Driver Club!

Drivers! Do you want to know all about your stats, check who the best drivers are or share your most amazing Film Director clips? Look no further!

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Previously on Driver... Launch edition


Driver San Francisco is now available! And a lot of new content and info has been released this week, so we've put together a good round-up so that you don't miss anything! Check it out below!

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Driver San Francisco's Tracklist!

Music has always played an important part in the Driver series, and it is not any different for Driver San Francisco! From classic groove to modern vibes, check out the full tracklist!

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Driver E3 2011 Trailer


"There's only one thing I need: a car that can handle my rage."

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2009 Nissan 370Z Drift


A great car for drifting down the streets of Driver San Francisco...

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Welcome to the Driver website!


Looking for the real Hollywood car-chase experience?

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